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Why you shouldn’t name your company after your own name!

So you’ve decided to go it alone, and now you have the exciting but also daunting task of choosing your new company name.

The process of naming a company involves decisions that should go far beyond personal preferences. While naming a company after the founder’s own name is a common practice (we’ve worked with many that have done this), there are compelling reasons why choosing an alternative approach might be the wiser choice.

In this article, we share why naming your company anything but your own name might be a better option.

Scalability and growth of your business

Opting for a company name unrelated to your personal name provides greater flexibility for scalability and long-term expansion ambitions. As your business grows, you may find it challenging to promote a diversified range of recruitment services and offerings under the banner of your personal name. A more versatile, brand-specific name can better accommodate future changes and expansions without limiting your business’s scope.

Mitigating personal risks

You only have to scroll down your LinkedIn feed for a minute to see that personal branding is the go-to tactic for many recruiters and business owners these days. But personal branding can also have its pitfalls! In the unfortunate event your new business venture experiences challenges or fails, having your personal name attached to the company may expose your personal reputation to unnecessary risks. Choosing a distinctive business name provides a level of separation between your personal identity and your business, shielding you from potential negative impacts on your personal brand.

Professionalism and credibility

Depending on your industry, using your name for your company might convey a sense of informality or small-scale operation. For businesses aiming to project a larger and more professional brand and proposition, a carefully chosen, non-personal business name can contribute to building credibility and appeal to a broader audience.

Team inclusivity and attracting recruiters to join you

A company that bears the founder’s name may inadvertently overshadow the contributions of other team members. Choosing a name that reflects the collective identity or the essence of the business itself fosters a sense of inclusivity among employees and stakeholders. It helps build a cohesive team culture focused on the shared goals and values of the organisation. Consider this: if you are looking to attract a super-star recruiter to come and join your business in the future, how will they feel about your personal name being at the forefront of everything they do in their respective markets?

Marketability and branding potential

A creative and unique recruitment company name opens up opportunities for effective marketing and branding strategies. Catchy, memorable names have the potential to stand out in a crowded market and attract attention from your target clients, candidates, and even recruiters who admire your brand. A well-thought-out brand name allows for creative logo designs, taglines, and other marketing elements that may be challenging to achieve with a personal name.

Futureproofing for investment and acquisition opportunities

Imagine all your ambitions and performance objectives for your recruitment venture have been realised, and after many years of hard graft to create a highly profitable business, you’re now ready for an exit event. However, despite ticking all the boxes that contribute to the multipliers that set the valuation of what your business is worth, potential investors and acquirers are struggling to look past the fact that they are acquiring a business and brand that’s named after a founder who may no longer be the face of the business. While there are countless examples where this has happened and proven to be highly successful, seasoned NED’s and M&A advisors will always advise that any strategy for attracting investment or acquisition should focus on the business’ performance and potential and not be overshadowed by the founder, who may well be looking to exit the business following the completion of an event.


To sum things up, while naming your company after your own name may have its merits, there are significant advantages to considering alternatives. A thoughtful, brand-specific name can enhance scalability, professionalism, and team inclusivity while also providing unique marketing and growth opportunities.

Ultimately, the decision should align with your business goals, target audience, and the image you wish to portray in the competitive market. Choosing a name beyond your personal identity can be a strategic move that sets the stage for long-term success.

Curious to find out more? Drop us a message today to set up a call with one of our brand strategists.

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