Case Studies

Halt Agency
Yanley Court
Long Ashton Business Park
BS41 9LB

“Following a review of our social media strategy when I rejoined the business, it was clear to me that we needed expert support.
We have all the ideas and fantastic insights from the businesses and people we partner with; however, execution of this in recent years has been an issue.

I wanted to ensure we are presenting what we believe is market leading information to our followers, community, and the wider world in a creative, consistent, and engaging way. So, I did not hesitate to approach Halt to help us fix this.

Since Halt’s founder Chris was our Marketing Director from 2016 to 2020, not only is Halt now the industry leader in providing creative marketing content to the recruitment sector, but they also have first-hand knowledge and experience in expanding our brand’s presence. Our partnership has been a perfect fit because of how well they knew us and how well they understood the marketing and content needs of businesses like ours.

I am already impressed by results of their work and excited to see how this partnership continues to develop.”