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Social Media for Recruitment

We provide comprehensive marketing for recruitment agencies, taking the pain out of social media marketing.

Outsourcing social media is easy with us, whether you need a content strategy for LinkedIn or social media templates, our social media management plans are designed to fit your ambitions and budget.

Recruitment Marketing Agency

What to expect…

Social Media For Recruitment

During our first meeting, we’ll get to the heart of your recruitment business, exploring your key services and specialisms and your competitive edge against other recruiters. We’ll then tailor your social media content strategy to spark client and candidate interest and keep them engaged.

Social Media Asset Design

After finalising your content strategy and receiving your approval, we dive into action. This involves creating all the necessary social media assets, from profile setups to templates for social media posts, ensuring they reflect your brand identity cohesively. Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing existing channels, we’ll fine-tune every aspect to ensure your social media presence aligns seamlessly with your newly established strategy.

Content Creation & Publishing

This is when all the hard work comes to life! We will produce marketing dashboards to streamline your weekly social media content. Our team will deliver regular, high-quality social media posts to guarantee your content outperforms your competition in the recruitment space.

Social Media Performance

We will do a monthly review of your social media channels and content published across all platforms during the month. By examining the performance of each post, we will identify patterns, successes, and areas for enhancement. This playback session includes detailed analytics reports, highlighting key metrics such as engagement rate, impressions and click-through rates.

Get in touch today to start tailoring an outsourced social media marketing plan.

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