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Digital Gurus

Transforming and maturing an established brand to resonate with a larger, global audience.

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For over 12 years, Digital Gurus brand has been synonymous with digital recruitment, with its creative and non-corporate approach of using social media to attract candidates proving a popular choice for many digital-first businesses.  

However, this signature approach became more mainstream with competitors trying to copy this style and process as social media became firmly established as the tool of choice for many recruiting businesses. As a result, the Digital Gurus brand presence become less prominent in a crowded market resulting in a significant reduction in engagement and interactions from its target audiences from social media and online.

Following its acquisition by Rethink Group in 2016, the company’s permanent and contract contingency recruitment offering came a lot broader – covering retained search, multi-hire recruitment projects, interim project delivery and outsourced talent acquisition solutions.

Digital Gurus identified the need to mature its brand image and social strategy to promote its larger range of recruitment services and demonstrate to businesses its ability to stand-out in the market when showcasing its expertise in attracting top digital talent.  


There are three key branding and communication challenges that Digital Gurus faced in order to grow and evolve into a new generation of business.

Trusting a youthful brand image
The brand image of Digital Gurus had historically looked like a start-up, which had benefited them for many years as their clients were primarily marketing agencies and SMEs who appreciated a quirkier partner. Today, this youthful image didn’t necessarily resonate with the businesses and candidates that Digital Gurus were now talking to. It didn’t easily win their trust. The business needed a more ‘polished aura’ to be a respected thought-leader and recruitment service provider.

Brand vs. individualism
Like many recruitment brands, Digital Gurus traded on the expertise of its individual consultants. They had a certain amount of creative licence as well as excellent networks and niche knowledge. Individually, they have come to be known within their skill areas. However, the brand now needed to come first. All six offices across the UK, MENA and APAC regions needed to present a similar image, communication style and content themes across all marketing and online channels, despite the different teams and localised cultures.

Capitalising on the ‘Gurus’ name
In a candidate-led market, there’s fierce competition for the best talent. Digital Gurus were up against not only other digital recruiters, but internal recruitment functions and HR teams within its target organisations. One advantage of the ‘Digital Gurus’ names is that it’s clear and understandable. The businesses refreshed brand and social strategy would need to unpin the need for businesses and candidates to immediately understand who they’re interacting with in order to improve response rate over competitors. The brand name now needed more substantiating and promote a collective of knowledgeable individuals who guide, advise and support businesses and candidates that make up the modern digital and tech scene.

Our Solution

Through direct collaboration with the managing director and senior leadership team, we developed a programme of work to refresh the Digital Gurus brand, online presence and social media content strategy. Key aspects of this programme included:

Refreshed Brand Identity
Create an updated look and feel for the brand, consisting of bolder, more visually responsive version of the ‘digital gurus’ logo, complemented by an enhanced ‘digital friendly’ colour palette and font family that would work seamlessly across all marketing channels and sales collateral. The refreshed brand resulted in a more polished, professional look and feel whilst retaining elements that had become synonymous with the brand in the UK, MENA and APAC regions.

New Website
Create a new digital shop-front and enable the business to promote their latest opportunities, attract more direct candidates, promote service offerings, showcase consultants and specialisms, case-studies, event promotions and blog content and articles. Additionally, the site would also consolidate the three independent, legacy regional websites and be integrated with Bullhorn CRM platform and work seamlessly with Broadbean API’s.

Content Strategy
Develop a new content strategy and social media schedule that would consistently promote the brand as ‘gurus’ and ‘thought-leaders’ to two core audience demographics.

Clients – collaborate with consultants to focus on informing and engaging businesses undergoing digital transformation in order to open conversations with target audiences in need for digital recruitment support. Themes featured in a series of regular articles, podcasts and events would include:

  • Educating businesses on the skills they need to achieve a smooth digital transformation
  • Increasing businesses ability to attract and retain the best digital talent by keeping up to date with technological changes and trends in the digital world
  • Informing businesses of the innovations their competitors are doing digitally.

Candidates – focus on educating and inspiring digital professionals and passive candidates with content that would entertain and enhance their knowledge and career journeys. Themes featured in a series of regular articles, videos and digital guides included:

  • Insightful tips, advice and guides to help candidates optimise their CV’s, social profiles and job applications
  • Virtual training guides on interviewing, gaining new skills and changing industry/specialism
  • Insight from industry experts and career coaches on how to develop and enhance skills and gain exposure to new innovations and opportunities
  • Regular updates on the most exciting roles and companies recruiting
  • Creation of talent communities for members to attend events and share third-party content and insights

The Results

Organic follower growth in just 18 months from new content strategy

Average monthly website visits. An Increase of 11,406 a month in 2018

Average direct candidate applications per month through website.


Increase in inbound sales leads from content/website.

in £ ROI from inbound leads and direct candidate applications.

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