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Social Media Content:

Quality vs. Quantity 

Feb 2023

“The more you post, the greater the chance your content will be seen and engaged with.”

A statement I’ve heard frequently throughout my years in marketing, and something I’ve always passionately opposed.

Late last year, Halt transitioned the management of one of our clients’ social media management and content creation to another outsourced marketing agency. This was always the plan, and we were happy to offer a 12-month solution while they went through a major internal restructure.

As we completed the handover, proud of what we’d achieved in terms of quality and the results of our work, we noticed an immediate spike in the high volume of content being posted each day and a dramatic drop in the quality and purpose of their new content.

This wasn’t a subjective view; it was obvious!

In January, while having a beer with the same client, I voiced my concerns that they were throwing away all the hard work and prior results they’d previously benefited from, by resorting to an excessive amount of “branded noise” in their social media posts now.

The client shared my concerns and agreed to track the inquiries and leads that came in from their new social media content. In exchange, we would track the differences in performance between our old strategy and the new one, since we still had access to their analytics.

We compared the performance data of content produced by Halt ✋ in Month 1 with content produced by the new agency 📢 over two consecutive months, and the difference was shocking!

Number of Posts Published

✋ Month 1 = 26

📢 Month 2 = 114 

Post Impressions 

✋ Month 1 = 21k

📢 Month 2 = 6k

Post Clicks 

✋ Month 1 = 8.4k

📢 Month 2 = 1.7k

Engagement Score

✋ Month 1 = 16.8%

📢 Month 2 = 2.05%

Tracked Inbound Leads, Shortlisted Applications, and Sales Enquiries

✋ Month 1 = 67 (estimated conversion value to deal pipeline = over £100k)

📢 Month 2 = 3 (estimated conversion value to deal pipeline = £0)

These results confirmed my position that excessive publishing of “branded noise” will simply alienate intended audiences

When audiences click on and interact with good content, the algorithms on platforms like LinkedIn will recognise this and reward that piece of content with a higher engagement score = more feed coverage. This in turn boosts that post’s feed coverage to new and existing audiences = increased post impressions. 

Spamming your feeds with regular noise and hoping it will do well because you’ve popped your logo in the corner isn’t going to captivate your target audiences.

If your social media content is well-written, captivating in design, interesting, and provides useful information to the people you’re trying to reach, they won’t be able to resist stopping what they’re doing to read and engage with it.

You can then use this opportunity to introduce them to your brand, promote your message and value proposition, and pique their interest enough to start a conversation with your sales/sourcing teams.

The reason I am sharing this with you!

Since you’ve taken the time to click on this post and read this far down, I’m going to assume that I’ve captured your curiosity and given you some insight into why quality over quantity is so important for a successful social media content strategy.

If your brand is struggling to connect with your target audiences on social media, not getting frequent enough inbound sales enquiries from potential clients, or just needs help drawing in more direct candidate applicants, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how the social media outsourcing team at Halt can supercharge your social media content.

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