Jasmin Stevens

Manager | Social Media & Content

Since joining Halt in September 2021, I’ve thrown myself headfirst into my role as Digital Marketing Lead. Each day is different, but I spend my time creating content, monitoring client social media and analytics, and working on Halt’s socials. I am the Instagram and Tiktok guru! Before joining the halteregos, I worked as a digital marketing executive for two recruitment firms, one in tech and one in clerical. I have also been running my own marketing page, called @SociallyBlondeMarketing since May 2021, which has grown to over 1200 followers in the first 6 months. I am really proud of my page and the reach I have achieved. I am a Bristol girl through and through, with a BAHons in Broadcast Journalism and an MSc in Marketing Communications to my name. But I promise I’m not a nerd!

Outside of the studio you’ll either find me at the gym or eating out with friends, life is all about that perfect balance. I am also always working to grow my marketing page, yes, I do create content on my days off. 

Likes: Sloths, coke zero, and Quorn chicken nugs.

Dislikes: Olives, sparkling water, and when you’re swimming in the sea, and something touches your leg. 

If you could be any character from a film or TV show, who would you be? Lisa Simpson

If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you have? A Sloth (duh)

Favourite place you’ve ever travelled? Mexico


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