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A Tale of Two Client Types

Managing Different Client Dynamics in Recruitment Marketing

Chris Cranshaw – Founder and Managing Director | Halt | Recruitment Marketing, Branding & Websites

As the founder of Halt, I’ve encountered various client types over the years, each with unique challenges, opinions, and perspectives on the best approach to how to invest their marketing budgets.

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself speaking with two very different clients: one who sees the tough market as an opportunity to snare market share, and another who views current market conditions and political uncertainty as a reason to retreat and cost save. Their approaches to marketing couldn’t be more different, and the experiences of managing their expectations and collaborating with them to develop fit-for-purpose marketing and content strategies offer a compelling insight into the critical role of what is ‘effective marketing recruitment’.

Client 1: The Bold Investor

In the face of economic uncertainty, Client 1 stands as a beacon of resilience and strategic foresight. This client has a history of investing in their brand and marketing efforts, even during market downturns. They understand that consistent marketing is not just a cost but an investment in their future stability and growth. As their competitors scale back, Client 1 is doubling down, increasing their marketing and social media efforts to stand out from the crowd, capturing market share and strengthening their brand presence.

If you’d like some very compelling examples and case studies to some of these success stories, feel free to book a call in my diary, and I will gladly share with you examples of firms doing it well – either themselves, via Halt or our friends in the recruitment marketing agency space.

Their strategy is paying off. When done properly – supported by real, practical knowledge, experience, and expertise, their sustained investment in their brand and marketing output has resulted in a steady stream of inbound inquiries from new customers and direct candidate applications.

They’ve even had examples where their brand and marketing have attracted incredible recruiters, which has transformed the landscape of their business. By maintaining a robust online and social media presence, they have not only weathered the various economic storms of the past few years but have also positioned themselves as a leading brand in their respective sectors, owning the space in the minds of their target audiences when it comes to anything recruitment related. Their proactive approach serves as a powerful reminder of the adage, “speculate to accumulate.”

Client 2: The Cautious Retreater

In stark contrast, Client 2 is struggling with financial difficulties, exacerbated by poor sales performances, struggling to pick-up good quality business, and battling to source hard-to-find candidates. In some instances, these clients have been riding the wave of their legacy client base, which has now reached shore and is starting to diminish from their monthly sales pipeline.

For them, marketing is seen as a dispensable luxury rather than a vital component of their sales and growth strategy. As they look to scale down their marketing spend, they are still hoping to achieve the same or better level of marketing output and results as their competitors, but with a significantly reduced budget = Champagne expectations on a Lambrini budget.

This client faces the classic dilemma of wanting high-quality content and campaigns to match their high expectations and desired results, without investing. Their reluctance to maintain or commit suitable marketing spend in tough times could potentially lead to a vicious cycle of declining brand equity, presence and further reduced opportunities to attract new clients, candidates and even that next superstar recruiter, both now and in the future. Unlike Client 1, they are unable to see that cutting marketing budgets can often exacerbate their performance woes, leaving them even more exposed and behind the curve in a competitive market.

The COVID-19 Lesson: Investing in Marketing Pays Off

The experiences of these two client types underscore a crucial lesson highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many recruitment businesses that chose to maintain or even increase their marketing and brand exposure spend emerged stronger and more profitable.

These companies understood that in times of crisis, visibility and engagement become even more critical. Their commitment to strategic marketing investment allowed them to not only survive but thrive, reaping substantial rewards as market conditions improved.

This period provided clear evidence that businesses should view marketing as a strategic necessity rather than an optional expense. A well-executed brand, content and marketing strategy can serve as a powerful differentiator, enabling a company to stand out, engage new clients, attract hard-to-find talent, capture the curiosity of those recruiters that they can only dream of attracting, and ultimately, secure more sales and revenue.

Partnering with the Right Agency

We’re a recruitment marketing agency who collaborate with our clients to craft bespoke outsourced marketing packages that provide recruitment businesses with the firepower of a large marketing function, at a fractional monthly cost and annual investment.

Whether your monthly budget is £1,000 budget or a £5,000 budget, if you’re a recruitment business owner looking to seize opportunities like the competitors you admire (these will likely be in the Client 1 pot), partnering with the right recruitment marketing agency could be the best strategic decision you will make during these tough market conditions.

Investing in your brand and marketing strategy today can lay the foundation for future success. Connect with me today or get in touch with the team at Halt Agency and let us create a tailored approach that aligns with your goals and budget, ensuring you stay competitive and resilient in the months and years ahead.

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