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Meet our Halteregos

The team

Decades of combined recruitment marketing experience.

Whether you’re looking to attract more direct candidates, new clients and inbound sales leads or that next superstar recruiter, we’ve got the experience and capabilities to make you stand out from your competition.

Our queen of all things Finance, HR and Operations

Going by the call sign ‘Amazon’, Aylicia keeps our finances in check and the lights on at Halt Ranch to ensure our Halteregos have the best possible environment to work in.


Finance | Operations Director

Our founder and oracle of all things Recruitment Branding and Marketing.

Going by the call sign 'Cranners', Chris still loves to be hands-on when he's not heading up our Consulting and Virtual CMO service or building new branding and marketing solutions with our clients.


Founder | Managing Director

Our guru of all things WordPress/Divi and Recruitment Websites.

Going by the call sign ‘Atlas’ as everything our brand team create sits on his shoulders to bring to life online. From bespoke website builds to unearthing new innovations, Gavin also heads up our growing trade brand offering.


Web Development

Our expert of all things SEO and creating scroll-stopping social content for our clients.

Going by the call sign ‘Big Jubs’ as the mum of Jub Jub the Bernese Mountain Dog, Grace spends her days transforming the online performance of our clients’ websites and delivering social media content for a variety of major recruitment brands.


Senior Marketing & SEO Lead

Our website developer with an eye for design, George spends his days bringing our bespoke website designs to life.


Website Designer | Developer

Our social media and content specialist, delivering captivating, engaging and high-performing content for several of our social media outsource clients.


Social Media Specialist

Our creative design specialist, working with our clients to create incredible brands, on-demand creatives, and website designs.


Creative Designer | Brand & Creative

Our social media and marketing supremo, supporting several of our social media outsource clients in elevating their brands and turning followers into clients and candidates.


Social Media Specialist

Our social content specialist with the ability to bring the most complex of brand elements to life.

Going by the call sign "Jeff", Jess’s creative flair and eye of detail enables her to create incredible social media content and design support for many of our clients.


Content & Design Associate

Our front man for leading and delivering incredible brands, collateral, and website designs for our clients.

Going by the call sign "Big Pops" Matthew manages our brand and creative team, while also getting his hands dirty in all aspect of creating unique and visually stunning brands, collateral, and website designs.


Manager | Branding & Creative

Our creator of many incredible brands, on-demand creatives, and website designs.


Creative Lead | Branding & Creative

The glue that keeps all the moving components of our Strategy & Consulting, and Outsourced Social Media solutions together.

Going by the call sign "Spreadsheet" because there’s a tracker for any situation, Shannon is the conduit that keeps us all on track. She also delivers campaigns and social media content for a several of our clients.


Manager | Strategy & Delivery

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