Training & Mentoring

Virtual CMO services to provide training, mentorship and direction to your marketing and recruitment teams to help them succeed in propelling your brand to new heights.

Gain all the expertise and knowledge of your own marketing leader, without the need for significant long-term investment in permanent resources.

Services include:

  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions
  • Monthly Content Consultation
  • Audience Targeting Training
  • Audience Engagement Training
  • Sales/Sourcing Alignment Training
  • Internal Communications & Engagement Training
  • Inbound Reporting & ROI Training
  • Content Strategy Alignment
  • Quarterly Marketing Strategy Alignment
  • Marketing Resource Recommendations
  • Marketing Resource Planning
  • Marketing Resource Recruitment Services
  • Outsourced Marketing Resource Management
  • Graphic Design Training
  • Social Media Reporting Training
  • Web Analytics Training
  • Best Practice & Tactics Workshops
  • Personal Branding Training & Workshops
  • Virtual Marketing Director/CMO Services
  • NED & Executive Advisory Services

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